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One of the most important aspects of offering a quality hosting solution is the backbone to our services; the Datacentre. A Datacentre is purpose built infrastructure that's designed to securely and safely house servers and equipment while providing access to high-speed, redundant network connectivity.


Through partnering with OrionVM, a leading innovator in the Cloud Computing industry, Demon-Host utilises the state-of-the-art Equinix Sydney3 Datacentre. The $77M stage one project brought online capacity for more than 3,000 cabinets with support for high standard power density and direct fibre connectivity between Equinix's other Datacentre campuses allowing access to over 50 network providers. Demon-Host also maintains backup infrastructure at the Equinix SY2 facility.

Transit and Peering Partners:

AAPT Equinix Vocus

Hardware Partners:

Dell Mellanox Supermicro


And here is the finished data centre in August... Biometric entrance for a private cage in Sydney3. Power infrastructure in one of the data halls of Sydney3. Plant Diesel gensets at Equinix Sydney3 data centre. And here is the finished data centre in August...

Datacentre photos care of www.itnews.com.au

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